Taking Security Seriously

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An online security breech or system failure could cost you money, your reputation and even your event. With so many online ticketing solutions on the market it’s important to take a hard look at them. Ask them tough questions. They won’t have the all the answers. We do.

1. PCI Compliant. Stringent development requirements endorsed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council include: maintaining a secure network, protecting cardholder data, having strong access control measures, regularly checking for vulnerabilities, regularly monitoring and testing networks, and having a strict information security policy.

2. SSL Certified. Secure Sockets Layers are cryptographic protocols that provide security for communication over the internet. We use the highest level, 256 bit encryption provided by Thawte.

3. Secure Hosting. Our data is hosted by Rackspace, one of the most secure providers in the world.

4. Backup Hosting. We have a redundancy plan in place, backing up all of our system data with a secondary host at Server Beach, ensuring a smooth transition during any outage with Rackspace.

5. Daily Systems Audit. Our system is audited daily by McAfee to ensure the highest level of security is maintained.

6. High Volume Servers. Custom built servers handle extremely high transaction volumes and include load balancing to ensure your system stays online.

7. Suspicious Transaction Monitor. This proactive, proprietary tool allows you to monitor strange purchase activity. You will be notified of any strange purchase activity and given options to confirm and cancel any order made from a stolen credit card.

Maintaining a strict security protocol is not cheap or easy, it requires ongoing diligence and expertise. At Interactive Ticketing we provide the safest environment for online transacting. We go above and beyond industry standards to protect you from cyber-criminals and make sure your event stays online.

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