POS 2 is Ready Today!

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The new Point of Sale System 2.0 from INTERACTIVE TICKETING is here now.
Here’s a rundown of some of the new features:

  • Completely rebuilt from the ground up
  • Brand new streamlined interface
  • Optimized tablet support
  • Faster than ever
  • Support for split transactions
  • Upgraded ticket layout control
  • Ability to transfer till sessions
  • Capture Zip Code info
  • Upgrades in the background
  • Better coupon support
  • More promo code options

INTERACTIVE TICKETING has been working all year on this new system, and we are pleased to release it to all current users. If you are interested in learning more about our POS solution, contact Paul today at 877-253-5676!


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We are Hiring for a Full Time Support Ninja!

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This position has been filled.


INTERACTIVE TICKETING is a vibrant company with over 15 years of experience providing online ticketing solutions to major ticketing events across the country.

We are looking for an online savvy ninja that can work a full, productive day on the computer from home. Solid computer skills, and a consistent attitude to grow are required, but knowledge of programming is not needed. Lots of time assisting clients with event setups, both on the phone and online.

Additionally, employee would be on call approximately one weekend per month to cover any emergency support issues that come in from our clients.

We provide all of the equipment you need.

This is a full time 40 hour per week position, and starts at $16 per hour for initial training period. First wage review at 30 days. Additional review at 90 days.

One week paid vacation after first year, and full medical / dental provided as well.

Send your resume to learn.more@interactiveticketing.com.

Ten Great Things About Our New Dashboard Tool

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Completely overhauled for 2014, with over 50 enhancements and improvements, the Dashboard has been redesigned to reduce clicks, clear clutter and make it easier than ever to set up and manage your events!

Here is an overview of a few of the enhancements:

1. Immediate access to customer questions and support issues with immediate ability to escalate to us for technical issues.

2. New geographic reports with overhauled graphics.

3. A complete rebuild of the Users & Permissions page making it easier than ever to manage your users.

4. Graphical breakdown of survey questions.

5. Alerts that keep you informed of the changes we make to the system.

6. Massive reduction in the number of pages makes getting around much, much easier.

7. New Scanning page with all of your scanning needs covered in one place.

8. Ticket Layout and Pricing pages have been integrated to create a smoother set up process.

9. Update to the Fraud Tools to do more refined searches on suspicious activities.

10. Improvements to the scanning program for easier and faster scanning of mobile tickets, with the ability to analyze your Mobile Sales traffic.

We are always looking for ways to improve our user experience and tools. If you ever have a suggestion, please let us know!

Kiosks Are Now Available Onsite!

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As always, the kiosk data integrates precisely into the Interactive Ticketing system. Integrated directly with our flagship online ticketing, point of sale and reserved seating systems, this capable platform allows a variety of flexible configuration. Our kiosks can be also be branded to meet your event’s needs.

Our reserved seating platform underscores INTERACTIVE TICKETING’s fourteen solid years of unremitting commitment to exceptional customer service, cost value and innovation.

Always First in Line.

Apple® Passbook

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The new Apple ® Passbook in iOS 6 is the cleanest way to keep things like airline boarding passes and event tickets all in one convenient digital place, and INTERACTIVE TICKETING is ready with this technology today.

When customers purchase their tickets on an Apple device running the new iOS 6, the purchased ticket is automatically placed into their Passbook, which organizes and streamlines the ticket purchase process, storing the tickets in a digital wallet that is easy to get to later. INTERACTIVE TICKETING is proud to announce that we are now selling tickets utilizing this technology, and that it is now available for your next event. No more fumbling for ticket purchases and holding up the check-in process!

Based out of Seattle, WA and founded in 1996, INTERACTIVE TICKETING has always led the way in innovative online electronic ticket sales. Contact us today to learn more!

Always First in Line.

Six New Features

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We’ve been working hard around the office, and the team at INTERACTIVE TICKETING has been focusing on developing our most requested features from our clients. Here is an overview of the six biggest enhancements we’ve made in time for your next event… call us today to learn more!

1. Box Office / Point of Sale
More than just online ticket sales, INTERACTIVE TICKETING provides a full spectrum of ticketing options for your event. Seamlessly integrating online ticketing and box office / point of sale systems, our platform allows a variety of event configurations, creating a huge amount of flexibility for your event. We have a package available to meet your needs!

2. Timed Ticketing
Manage your lines with greater efficiency, utilizing our slot based ticketing option. With the ability to set individual sell out limits for each date/time slot so customers are allowed to only buy tickets for times that have space left, attendance becomes more consistent and manageable. Tickets are dynamically printed with the specified date and time printed right on the ticket so it’s clear to the customer when they’re supposed to attend. Faster lines and shorter wait times are definitely something customers tell their friends about!

3. Improved Facebook Share
Events producers have been asking us to give them further options allowing them to be more assertive in the purchase process with options for prompting customers to share that they are going to the event. This enhanced Facebook Share option allows this new feature, encouraging customers to “spread the word” and place a link to the purchase form on their Facebook status.

4. Mobile Phone Purchase (Beta)
After six months of development, we are launching the ability for smartphone users to purchase tickets and carry them to the event on their smartphones. Optimized for both Apple® and Android® devices, customers can easily purchase tickets on their phone. Unlike our competitors solutions, your customers are not forced to download and install an app in order to make a purchase, making it as easy as possible to collect and manage these sales.

5. Improved Event Scanning
With options for Apple® ipod scanning, high powered scanning from a laptop and premium Apple® ipod with the Linea Pro hardware, INTERACTIVE TICKETING has a solution for every event. Scan with handheld portability or from super stable laptop computers. Unlike much of our competition, our scanning solutions can be integrated to work together over a network to prevent duplicate tickets from multiple entry points!

6. Improved Fraud Filters
Savvy show producers already utilize our online fraud tools to greatly reduce their risk online sales, and while the majority of our clients do not see an issue with chargebacks and fraud, we always want to be proactive at your event. Reacting to an increase in online fraudulent activity in the last year, INTERACTIVE TICKETING has completely overhauled its fraud filter system, creating a host of new features and tools to allow clients better options in fighting this increasing problem.

Contact us today to learn more!

It’s About Time

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Manage Your Lines with Slot Based Ticketing

Are your entrance lines getting out of control? With time based ticketing, INTERACTIVE TICKETING introduces a powerful tool that enables you to control the flow of your lines.

Utilizing slot based ticketing, customers purchase tickets based on the day and time they’ll attend the event. You are able to set individual sell out limits for each date/time slot so customers are allowed to only buy tickets for times that have space left, thus making your attendance more consistent and manageable. Tickets are dynamically printed with the specified date and time printed right on the ticket so it’s clear to the customer when they’re supposed to attend. Fully supported by our scanning software, which only accepts tickets with a valid date/time on them. For those not using our scanning software solution, our reporting tools even include a printable daily manifest so you can check customers in for smaller or specialized events.

Our back end management system features a full suite of tools that give you 24 hour control over your slot ticketing calendar. Make minor capacity adjustments, or add completely new time slots as needed any time instantaneously! You can even discount your tickets on specific days or times to promote sales for your slower periods.

Always First in Line.

Reservations Required?

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Reserved Seating is Now Available!

As the industry leader at providing cost-effective online and onsite ticket sales, ticket scanning software, and detailed reporting, we are now bringing our expertise in supplying the premiere reserved seating solution to the industry.

Integrated directly with our flagship online ticketing and point of sale systems, this flexible platform allows a variety of event configurations, with the ability to sell tickets to multiple events/concerts in one inclusive system. Events can have multiple pricing options for the same seat, place seats on hold, and even prevent stray seats from occurring.

The intuitive interface lets customers opt to have the best available seats chosen by the system, or use an ultra-clean interactive map to choose their exact seats. And the cost savings over other systems will make you and your customers happy!

Our reserved seating platform underscores INTERACTIVE TICKETING’s thirteen years of unremitting commitment to exceptional customer service, cost value and innovation.

Always First in Line.

QR Code Savvy!

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Interactive Ticketing now offers QR Code scanning on our tickets!

We’ve added the ability to place QR codes on all of your tickets!

QR Codes are a great way to get online information to your customers from a printed source, and now the tickets users print will contain these codes.

Here are two ways that this can benefit you at your next event:

You can use the first QR Code to link to a page on your website that contains last minute information, wait time info, driving directions and even onsite promotions. Ticket purchasers who scan this QR code will get this information in real time on their smartphone or portable device. Users now have the ability to get up to the minute information on their way to the event or in line.

We have added the second QR Code to all of our 3.0+ version events. The advantage of this barcode type is that events will soon be able to scan quickly and easily from all smartphones and portable devices. Additionally, events will be able to use iPods to scan incoming tickets in real time!

Contact us today!

First Name Basis

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Everyone that works with INTERACTIVE TICKETING knows that when you work with us, you are working with us on a first name basis. Unlike our competitors, we don’t answer to boards, investors or stock holders – we answer to YOU.

No high turnover, no high pressured sales teams, no handoffs once the sale is made, and no bloated promises about sales performance. Just good old-fashioned, hard work from a company that was the pioneer of online ticketing over twelve years ago, at the forefront of the industry with new technology, a track record you can trust, and lower pricing than the others. Ask around, and you’ll hear what we say to be true.

Always First in Line.