We are Ready for Haunt Season 2012

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INTERACTIVE TICKETING introduced the low price model to the haunt ticketing industry since 2006. Others match our prices, but we are the ones that set them! Unlike competitors that charge a ticketing fee and then a percentage, we have ALWAYS charged a flat upfront fee!

We work for you; not anonymous stake-holders. We are a privately held, 100% American-made company.  You do not need to worry that other major ticketing companies have their fingers in our operation. You will always know our team on a first name basis!
Any vendor can name a few flashy high profile events that they have done (and may have done for free). Savvy operators will look at the core businesses that a ticketing provider sells to. Unlike other companies that specialize in theater tickets and after hours mixers, we have been focused for over twelve years on consumer shows and attractions like yours. We live and breathe the haunt industry.

Here are some points to consider:

• We do not have sales people that are here to sell our product and then move on to the next prospect.

• We offer time based ticketing that allows staggering of your entry and controlling the flow of your event.

• We offer Facebook integration with full Facebook features. You can also sell your tickets directly from your Facebook page!

• Onsite scanning is a critical component of a successful event, and is often overlooked when considering your operation. We do not use gimmicky toys or apps that can handle a few customers. We build solutions that will scan tens of thousands of tickets per hour, and can detect voids, fakes and duplicate tickets in real time. Our onsite scanning program is the best in the industry. We are currently introducing the option to scan tickets using an iPod or iPhone, with the ability to scan an industry-leading 1500 tickets per hour.

• We offer a professional level onsite Point of Sale system for selling real bar-coded tickets onsite, (not a glorified digital cash register), which perfectly integrates with our online system.

• We have the ability to manage your event directly from an iPad, giving show managers an extra level of mobility.

• We have completely overhauled our ticketing season for 2012, with over 50 new features added.

• We pride ourselves on a seamless experience, but when you need help, we are here to assist you with personal and individual attention.

• We are adding the ability to purchase tickets from a smartphone.
• Ability for show producers to add a QCode to the ticket printouts, offering the ability to add a reference to the main web site, directions and last minute information.

• We do not outsource any work – ever.

I believe that we offer the best value in the industry, and I want you to know that we are committed to continuing to evolve our business for you in the future. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the specific needs of your event, please don’t hesitate to call me.

Terry and I look forward to seeing you at Haunt World!

David Arevalo
President & CEO
Interactive Ticketing
93 South Jackson St., #20360
Seattle, WA 98104
p 877.253.5676

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