We pride ourselves on providing the data that you need for your event. The INTERACTIVE TICKETING Manager provides immediate, detailed reporting features in real-time, giving a complete picture of how your sales, promotions and redemptions are working. In addition, you can view how many tickets have been scanned, which scanning terminals are being used and all ticket refunds/voids. All of this information is owned by you- we simply keep it safe on our secure servers.Savvy show managers appreciate having the realtime reporting at their fingertips, and know the value of having this detailed, up to the minute information.

    • Real-Time Reporting- All transactions can be viewed as they occur by simply logging into our “Ticket Manager.”
    • Database Ownership- You own all of the data generated by your online ticketing sales, we simply keep it safe on our secure servers.
    • Comparative Reports- Get a day by day analysis of your ticket sales and compare them with previous years.
    • Custom Reports- Create reports that compare specific ticket types.
    • Daily Report Notifications- A daily sales report can be sent to your inbox every day during your event.
    • Google Analytics Support- Use your website’s existing Google Analytics to track where your customer’s are coming from and measure each step of the purchase process.

Our real-time reporting features can be used effectively with a successful email campaign.
For more in-depth information about Interactive Ticketing’s products and features you may call us at 877.253.5676, contact us by email or request a test drive demonstration.