100% American Made and Privately Owned

Based out of Seattle, WA and founded in 1996, INTERACTIVE TICKETING has always led the way in innovative online electronic ticket sales. But did you know that since that first day, we have always done 100% of our work within the United States? Unlike much of our competition and most technology companies, we have NEVER outsource work outside of the United States.

No coding in India, no help desks in Thailand, and no cold callers from the Philippines. We have always embraced the power of the domestic economy. In a day and age when this is more relevant than ever, we are proud to say that we are 100% American made.

Interactive Ticketing is a privately held company. Unlike our competitors, we don’t answer to boards, investors, or stock holders - we answer to YOU.

Interested in learning more? Here's our contact info:

Interactive Ticketing
7001 Seaview Ave NW, Suite 160-400
Seattle, WA 98117

Event Holders - Phone 877-253-5676