Our award winning Interactive Ticketing system is packed with unique features you won’t find anywhere else and the list is growing.  Our ticketing solution is at the forefront of the industry offering end to end solutions for all of your ticketing needs. By listening to our clients, we are driving this momentum, and setting new standards in ticketing excellence.



Interactive Ticketing entered the online ticketing market in 1999. Today we proudly support some of the biggest events in North America, including the consumer show, fair, haunt and attractions industries. Our outstanding customer service and 24/7 accessible management tools help contribute to our clients’ success.

“Interactive Ticketing has been a wonderful company to partner with over the past 5 years. Their commitment to excellence has made all the difference for Santa’s Wonderland. They care about the needs of their clients and continue to improve and enhance their unique online ticketing service.”

Scott Medlin, Santa's Wonderland



Our flexible platform allows for a variety of event configurations along with the ability to sell tickets for multiple events in one all-inclusive system.

Our system supports:

  • Online Sales
  • Box Office Point of Sale
  • Reserved Seating Events
  • Timed Ticketing
  • Self-Service Kiosks
  • Fast & Secure Scanning
  • Event Registration


Through the use of our intuitive interface, customers are able to choose exact seats through the ultra-clean interactive map or enlist our system to find the best available seats. Additionally, events can support multiple pricing options for the same seat, put seats on hold for your customers and even prevent stray seats from being left unsold.



Utilizing time based ticketing, customers purchase tickets based on the day and time they'll attend the event, making your attendance far more consistent.  You’ll have total control over the number of tickets available for each time slot making sure your attendance is fully optimized for your event.