The Interactive Ticketing Dashboard Manager provides immediate, detailed reporting in real time, giving you a complete picture of how your sales, promotions and redemptions are working. In addition, you’re able to view how many tickets have been scanned, voided or refunded, and which scanning terminals are in use. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Customized Reporting

We pride ourselves on providing the data that you need, available to you in real time wherever you are. In fact, we believe our stats are so comprehensive that you’ll find everything you need right within our system. But, if you can’t, let us know and we’ll build it. That’s customization at its best!





Maximize your online sales potential with analytics tracking services!  We offer full support for analytics and ad conversion tracking integration for all major platforms.

  • Google Analytics & AdReady services
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • DoubleClick / Floodlight
  • Adobe Cloud Marketing
  • AdReady Tractions
  • And more...

Social media reports

During the entire purchase process, our enhanced Facebook & Twitter sharing options encourages your customers to “spread the word”. But how many ticket sales are actually being generated from these shares? Our Social Media Link Sharing Report enables you to track how many of your customers are sharing their purchases and how those interactions are being converted into additional ticket sales.


Comparative reporting

The success of your event relies heavily on being able to determine what is and isn’t working well from one event to the next. Quickly and accurately compare your events and ticket sales using the simple yet powerful comparative reporting tool.


Take your event to the next level by leveraging many of the additional reporting features included with our services:

  • Daily Snapshot Reports - Emailed directly to your inbox!
  • Scanned Ticket Reports - Updated in real time with the use of our custom built scanning app.
  • Source Tracking Reports - Set up custom links and track your most effective marketing campaigns.
  • Promo Code Reports - Track your promo code redemption rates in real time.
  • Custom Survey Questions - Create your own custom demographic survey report.
  • Location Data - Learn where your customers are visiting from.
  • Specialized Reports for advanced ticketing systems such as reserved seating events, timed ticketing and box office sales.