How To Sell More Tickets Online

Almost everyone is plugged into social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Using these social networks, you can leverage your customers to promote your event and spread the word for you, increasing your potential for additional ticket sales. Likes and Shares are a powerful and free promotions that you can utilize. Here are some additional tools we provide that can help increase your online ticket sales:

  • Sell Tickets Within Facebook. Our “Buy Tickets” app enables you to use the power of social media to sell tickets within your Facebook page. This keeps them connected to the event while simplifying the purchasing process at the same time.
  • Use the Social Media Incentive Discount tool. This powerful too allows you to set up special discounts for customers who Like, Share, Tweet and Follow during the purchasing process, unlocking your potential to reach more customers. As a result, your sales will skyrocket to new levels.
  • Turn on Facebook Comments. This tool should always be active in the ticket purchase process, and your team should monitor and respond to these Facebook posts.
  • Use our built in reporting tools. Our Social Media Link Sharing Report enables you to track how many of your customers are sharing their purchases and how those interactions are being converted into additional ticket sales.

To learn more about any of these features, please feel free to contact us at: