Ticket Hub App for Apple Watch and iOS

During an event, producers need to be everywhere and, therefore, can’t be tethered to their desk. The challenge becomes how to maintain ticketing management, yet still be able to tend to the numerous demands. This year, Interactive Ticketing created a solution to meet this challenge.

Introducing… Ticket Hub App for the Apple Watch and iOS!

Show producers can, in real time, from their Apple Watch or iOS device:

  • Check to see if their event is in Live or Test mode.
  • Review tickets sold vs. tickets scanned.
  • See the date and time their ticketing system is set to end and go offline.
  • Compare event ticket sales and scans year to year.

This powerful and portable solution is now available and will revolutionize how time and energy is spent.

Coming soon:

  •  Quick dial the Interactive Ticketing Support Line straight from the Apple Watch (currently offered on the iPad/iPhone app). With one touch, a call will be made to the Interactive Ticketing Support Team.
  • Fraud Detection Notifications on the Apple Watch. Get updates on the go for potentially fraudulent ticket orders.

Get out of the office. Get away from the computer. Get the App