The Benefit of a Secondary Gateway

Interactive Ticketing is committed to providing the best support to all of our clients.  A part of that commitment includes sharing our experience with various gateway providers and what we have learned through the years.

Let’s talk about the benefits of having a secondary gateway…

  • All merchant gateway providers have issues from time to time and no provider can boast 100% up time.  Savvy clients with strong sales presence will opt to secure a secondary gateway.

  • If the primary gateway goes down, it is easy to switch over to the secondary gateway, preserving transactions with POS and kiosk systems continuing to run. There is peace of mind knowing that everything is covered.

Interactive Ticketing Uses Equity Commerce

Brady Waite and Equity Commerce have been a great partner to Interactive Ticketing for many years now. Brady’s support and service to us and our clients, was so superior to other vendor encounters that we felt it would be a disservice to the rest our clients keeping him to ourselves.

We officially recognize him as our top recommended merchant gateway provider.

If you would like us to introduce you to Brady, we would be privileged to do so.  

May the rest of this season be a good one for you and your event!