Mobile Phone Scanning Update

Interactive Ticketing has officially adopted QR codes as the universal standard for scanning mobile devices. With more and more customers purchasing tickets from phones, we're committed to adjusting our services to meet the landscape. Scanning tickets from mobiles phones requires the use of 2-dimensional (2D) equipment capable of recognizing the QR barcode format.

All equipment provided by Interactive Ticketing is fully compatible with 2D barcoding methodologies. However, if you currently are using any 1D scanning equipment for your events, please know those will NOT work with QR barcodes from mobile phones, and should be restricted to scanning regular (paper) based barcodes ONLY.

If you have any questions about how to determine if your hardware's compatible with QR you can contact our support team at or 877-253-5676 ext 2.

New Features 2017

Interactive Ticketing is proud to announce new features in our Dashboard system for 2017! Our developers have been working hard building powerful new tools to enhance our ticketing platform.

New Fraud Prevention Filter - This setting allows the system to match the "customer" name to the "billing" name entered for the credit card.  If they don’t match, the order's flagged as suspicious.
Price Point Report Clarification - We've added the ability for the Price Point Report to consolidate all the pricing variations on an item into a single row.  New columns have been added to display the amount of discounts that occurred for:

  • Facebook Shares
  • Twitter Shares
  • Twitter Follows
  • Total Discounts (including promo code discounted items)

Support for Generic Conversion & Tracking
- We now have the ability to support basic (single line) Conversion & Tracking tags for pixel images (<img>), scripts (<script>), and iFrames (<iframe>).  Examples of the formatting required are provided within the Dashboard setup tools.

Pop-Up For Donation Offer support - You can now choose to have a specific pop-up occur for our donation feature to give your customers that extra push to consider donating.
Upsell Report - Tracks statistics on acceptance/rejection rates for Upsell Promotions.  
Scanned Report Breakdown Options - We've updated and expanded what's available for breakdown choices on the new Scanned Report, allowing for more flexibility.
New Order Tagging system - Allows the creation of custom "tags" that can be assigned to individual orders.  Orders can be searched for by tag label.  The tools provide a list of the tags that've been created so far. This tool is perfect for linking orders together for custom reasons.
New Order Lookup / Data Export Tools -  These have been overhauled to include new features.
Promo Code Enhancements:

  • Notes - Internal notes may be stored for each Promotion.  These are not visible to customer.
  • Description - Optional field.  This will display to the customer along with the promo code & title once they put enter their promo code on the purchase page.

Updates to Mailchimp - Now our export includes a list of purchased price points in the export and Include any pre-live sign-up emails also.

For more information or questions, contact our support team at or 877-253-5676 ext 2.

EMV Announcement

Interactive Ticketing is proud to announce that we now support EMV Chip, Debit PIN, & Apple Pay through Vantiv Payment Solutions. Using the VeriFone® hardware readers, you can support these new technologies and take advantage of the Chip and Pin protection provided by Visa. Vantiv has a program called “Security Pays” and they provide you with a $500 gift card for using a “secure solution”, where they try to eliminate the majority of upfront costs of upgrading to EMV/ P2PE hardware. 

You must use Vantiv if you want EMV Chip integrated into Interactive Ticketing’s POS solution as we are now “Certified” to use this new technology with Vantiv. If you are an existing MercuryPay Client, Vantiv just acquired that processor, making the transition over even easier. 

For more information or questions, contact our support team at or 877-253-5676 ext 2

Paperless Ticket Rebuild

Interactive Ticketing is committed to providing a simple and streamlined process for customers to purchase tickets on a mobile device. We have recently rebuilt our Paperless Ticketing solution to make it easier than ever for customers to purchase, save, and redeem their tickets onsite, from any device.

Once a customer completes their purchase, they have the option to add tickets to Apple® Wallet or any app that supports Wallet file types. Mobile purchases also receive an email and text message with a link to their tickets.

When scanning a ticket on a mobile device you can open the entire order to ‘Scan All’ and admit a group quickly or you can now swipe through tickets to scan them individually similar to Apple® Wallet. 

New Customer Search Feature For Scanning

Getting customers into your event in a timely fashion is critical for an event’s success and customer satisfaction. The last thing people validating tickets need to be doing is stopping an entire line of people because one customer realizes they forgot their tickets or the tickets aren’t scanning. INTERACTIVE TICKETING has created a solution to eliminate this issue with a new Customer Search feature included in the latest version of our Ticket Station scanning software.

This new feature provides the ability to look up customers by name if needed directly within the app. They can then mark tickets as scanned or see if the tickets have already been redeemed, allowing the lines to keep flowing and your customers happy.

For more information or questions, contact our support team at or 877-253-5676 ext 2